Back in Zone3 Vision wetsuit cycling!

Had great fun this afternoon, out cycling wearing the Zone3 Vision wetsuit, under my normal cycling gear! Which I had of course to remove to show, that I really had it on!

Zone3 Vision wetsuit
Zone3 Vision wetsuit
Zone3 Vision wetsuit
Zone3 Vision wetsuit + handcuffs

5 Replies to “Back in Zone3 Vision wetsuit cycling!”

  1. Looking great as always! I do like this suit, smooth and shiny. And very tight by the looks of it!

  2. As the other two gents have stated , yes you do look pretty fine in that tight wetsuit. Ever just wear it out cycling and not hidden under your cycling gear ( which is very hot on you as well. Have a great week G and thank you for sharing with your fans around the world. Snow is covering the ground in my neck of the woods in Canada so sadly no cycling for a while.

    1. I only look pretty fine in a tight wetsuit???? 🙁 LOL!! Yes of course, I’ve been out cycling in just a wetsuit with nothing over it! But mainly do that, at night!

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