What to wear for Children in Need?

Children in Need 2009!Ever year at work, well all dress up for Children in Need! Right now, they are running a private poll, on our staff group for the staff to pick what we should all wear! Right now, pyjamas is winning! But one of the lads did point out, he sleeps in his underwear! LOL!

Not going to say, what I sleep in!!! Other than it’s nice and tight!!

Yes of course, I added Morphsuits to the staff poll! πŸ™‚

So what do you think we should wear??

What to wear for Children in Need?

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3 Replies to “What to wear for Children in Need?”

  1. Wetsuits and Bike gear never made the mention I guess, I enjoy a tight wrestling singlet but likely tmi. Cheers G. You have us wondering what you snooze in

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