Loving the blue Lycra tights

OMG, I am totally loving the blue Lycra tights in this vlog! Also the fact that he walks around outside wearing them on the way to the gym! Why, can’t I find a BF that would do that?


2 Replies to “Loving the blue Lycra tights”

  1. Yep he does look good in them, but he’s a ginger, mmmm.

    As 2 potential b/f lycra loving searches, here goes…

    UK population – 65,110,000
    Possible ”gay” numbers – 743,000
    No of gay men – unknown.
    Therefore a very small pool of fit guys that are into lycra, wearing in public and within 100 miles of where you live. Life is cruel sometimes he he. There are a few more gayers into the gear in the USA… U gonna move? LOL

    More 2 the point r u going 2 buy a pair of those tights, mmm?

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