That was great drive back to England

That’s me back in England after a great drive back home! Went on many roads, I’ve ever been on before! Don’t ask me which way, I went. Since I have no idea at all!

But I some how did end up at Dent railway station, which happens to be the highest railway station in England!

Here are some photo from the drive. Was hoping to take many more! But it was raining most of the time!!! 🙁

Waiting for the rain to stop!

Just seating in my car wearing Lycra, like you do! Hoping that the rain will stop! So I can go and take more Lycra photos… But of course, it did not stop! So this photo, will have to do!

Oh and yes, it’s my birthday! I turned 37!!! Getting way to close, to 40 for my liking!

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