Day #7 in Cyprus

Here are some photo’s from day number 7 of my holiday in Cyprus.

Still having great time. But starting to looking forward to going home a week today. Then of course getting some a lycra on and out a much needed cycle!

Lycra mirror fun!

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  1. Oooooohhhhhhhh……..a Lighthouse………a sign to a Lighthouse too !!!!! I love Lighthouses !!!! Hey, Gordon…liking all your photo’s from Cyprus 🙂

  2. Hi Gordon,

    I’m always following you on the web and really love your hot pictures from biking. Was wondering what swimwear you are using on this trip? Haven’t seen any picture of you all wet in skimpy speedos or have I missed something?! 😉 I’m sure you look hotter than ever in a pair of those… Thanks so for all pictures!!!


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