Fifth cycle back from work!

That was another great cycle back from work! So far cycled to and from work 5 times this year! Meaning I am saved around 240 car miles!

The normal route back from work is around 24 miles… but I found a even more scenic route… which took that up to 33 miles! Which covered lot’s of roads, I’ve never been on before! Which is always good!

Like normal, you can check out the route I took @

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4 Replies to “Fifth cycle back from work!”

  1. Very nice photo’s Mate….Hell Yeah !! ….That Kit looks great……..and the guy wearing it……….hmmmm…………now let me see……..he looks great too LOL. Like the location 🙂 Thanks..

    1. After last year, trying to make up for it! Only did 2,341.4 miles last year. Already up to 3,675.7 miles this year! So should end the year on at least 4,000 miles! 🙂

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