Another good cycle, just a bit HOT!

That was another good cycle, it just was a bit on the HOT side! Was around 27C for most of it! Really should have put sun tan lotion on before setting off on the cycle, not during it! Also only had one bottle with me! Which in that heat was, not the best idea in the world!

But, I still ended up doing 33.1 miles, which I am more than happy with! As always you can check the route @

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adidas Team GB 2016 cycling jersey

3 Replies to “Another good cycle, just a bit HOT!”

  1. Really Good photo’s Mate….good ride too…33.1 miles. Sun Tan Lotion…..Yes…..Sun Tan Lotion….don’t you go getting burnt…..its dangerous.

  2. If you did get sunburnt there are about half a million guys in the country who would be more than happy to kiss it better

    1. I did not get burnt! I try never to let myself burn! Also had a cold shower for 10 mins, once back from the cycle, just to make sure!

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