More Lycra, with hand and legcuffs…

One of my mates, says I am doing way, way to much cycling. So he put hand and leg cuffs on me while out cycling. And took my bike off me, then told me to walk home like that…

Well OK, maybe not! But it would have made a HOT story! But doubt, I could walk 3+ miles home in the leg cuffs!! Also would get some right funny looks! LOL!

Then I would not care! Life is for having fun! So have fun, while you still can! That’s why, I am very open about the things I enjoy and don’t really care, what people say!

Lycra + handcuffs!

4 Replies to “More Lycra, with hand and legcuffs…”

  1. Hi Mate…..your Quick Step Kit says is past 3.00 pm !!! šŸ™‚ , so you are clearly on your way home and looking great. I agree with what you say G, make the most of life while you can and enjoy yourself. If some don’t like , they can sod off. None of us are on this Earth for very long… I say, make the most of it. Hmmmmm…wonder what you will get up to next šŸ™‚

  2. If they were to turn that into a film , they would be waiting in line round the block for hours to get in , it would be this summers blockbuster

  3. Someone needs to write this into a story! Why do I never see any cute cyclists when I’m out and about?

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