Lycra, public places + handcuffs!

Since I’ve sure some of you will be getting bored of all the Lycra cycling photos! This afternoon I made up my mind to add a dimension to them! I took my handcuffs with me…

Lycra + handcuffs!
Lycra + handcuffs!
Lycra + handcuffs!

10 Replies to “Lycra, public places + handcuffs!”

  1. Hey Mate, I think I answer for myself and quite a few other Guys, when I say….I will never get bored with seeing you in Lycra Cycling Kit. The handcuffs are…ha ha ha…interesting !!! Be good to see you in the white FDJ Kit. Also, those different Camera angles are good to try too !! 🙂

  2. Just looking at these photo’s in my lunch break at work……….hmmmmmmm if I was there…… with you……I might easily lose my self control……..and anything could happen !!!!!!!! LOL 🙂

  3. How could anybody get bored with looking at such a vision of beauty . As always you look stunning

  4. Lol, the fetishist Peter Pan of Lycra – You just never get older.! Great pix the way GSV.

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