18 years of gordon-valentine.com

godnoWOW! Just noticed this website has been on the go for 18 years!! 18 years!! OMG! To think, I set it up when I was only 16 or 17!

So how long have you been following my work for? Has it helped you got though any hard times? Any stories about meeting me??

Looking forward to reading come great comments, I am sure!!!

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  1. Quite amazing Gordon…18 years—and you set this up when you were a teenager !!! And I have been aware/following you for maybe only two or three months or so. Any stories about meeting you?…..he… he…he…..not yet, but I’m sure we will.. You have done very well indeed.

    1. Of course the website has changed a lot since then! Use to find one floppy disc! Use to work on it at home. Then take it to college on a floppy disc, then upload the changes!

      Now it’s over 1.5 GB in size! That’s not inducing the back-end databases!!

      You can still look an older version of the website @ http://archived.gordon-valentine.com/.

  2. Followed your website since 2002. You’ve helped me immensely in many ways. Your willingness to listen, offer help and advice is very comforting and truly appreciated. I’d love to meet again!

    Long may you continue to work on your websites!

    🙂 xx

    1. Sure we will meet up again and soon! Just you just need to make sure you bring your bike with you again!!

      Yes, sure my website will still be going for another 18 years!! LOL! 🙂

  3. I’ve been following for 12 years started when I was 14… Found your website through andyelycra. You had inspired me to take a cousins old wetsuit from their beach house, it was dried out and really small but I found it enjoyable. Had to get rid of it when I went to college so no one would find it when I wasn’t home.

    1. I miss andyElycra website! It was that, that give me the idea, to set-up my “other” website! Even that website has been on the go, since 2003! Makes me feel so OLD!!!

  4. Don’t worry……you sure do NOT look old…..and I am sure your Websites will still be going in 18 years:) Its amazing though, how the years pass by.Perhaps amazing is not the correct word…..bloody frightening is probably more accurate LOL. I tell you what though Gordon, I’m very pleased I Discovered you on the Web….its Great with all the photo’s, vlogs and tweets…long may we all continue 🙂

  5. congrats. that’s some achievement, you have given a lot of guys some great fun over the years. thanks

  6. You are a true inspiration. I found your site probably ten years ago. For somebody who is still “in the closet” both in terms of being gay and in to fetish I admire your self confidence and ability to be yourself. Long may your website continue to enable you to bring pleasure to those who lack that confidence but can still admire you.
    And you remain as “fit” as ever!

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