Vlog: Really? Heterosexual Pride Day

Sorry, #HeterosexualPrideDay on twitter the other day, really did wind me up! If you don’t want to watch me go, off on one, don’t watch this…

3 Replies to “Vlog: Really? Heterosexual Pride Day”

  1. Hi Mate…..don’t like to see you upset….but sometimes you just have to ” go off on one “. At least you got it off your chest……and you were able to smile afterwards……and that’s very important. I feel much the same and I expect others do too. 🙂

    1. I would just say I was upset! Just more pissed off by it! At least it, give me another reason to do a vlog! Just it, needed to be said!

      1. Yep…….it did need to be said……..AND another Vlog in that lovely Cannondale Kit 🙂

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