Vlog: All about yesterday’s 82 mile cycle

Speaking about yesterday’s 82 mile cycle! While wearing white Lycra again! Since everyone loves it!

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  1. Don’t know what’s wrong with the internet today…….its so slow…..and my mobile signal keeps dropping out as well. Anyway, Forgot to mention during my original comments to this Vlog on UTube. That mark on the front of your Shorts……..you have to be so very careful with this Kit. Of course, hot water is NOT an option. I suppose its safer to leave things alone…….and after a few more normal washes, that mark may gradually just fade away. I would not worry about it too much Mate………Its the sort of thing that would irritate me…….I always want my Kit to look perfect….all the time. Been looking through various Cycling Mag’s to get some idea’s of future Kit to suggest to you ……..as soon as I come up with anything, I will get a message to you Gordon. I think, I am going to be ordering the same model of Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes that You ordered from Wiggle. Really liked the Vlog……………..and seeing You, is always a Bonus. Take Care 🙂

  2. The kit has kept its colour very well, looks just as good as the day you got it. 😉

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