We made it to Scotland!

That’s Nick and myself now in Scotland! After just under 320 miles of driving! It’s the first Nick’s ever in Scotland! I just know he’s going to have a great time! So many great places, I want to show him! Just hope the weather plays nice!

I will now leave you with some photos! The first of many, I am sure!! 😀

Stainmore Summit
At Stainmore Summit, at round the half way point to Scotland!
Love this view!
I love this love!
Welcome to Scotland Nick!
Nick is now officially in Scotland for the first time ever!!
To think, I've cycled...
Just to think, I’ve cycled all the way from John O’Groat’s to Land’s End!

3 Replies to “We made it to Scotland!”

  1. I hope you both had a fantastic break and that Nick’s first walk up the Munro brought a smile to his face!

    1. I’ve done it before and it always makes me smile! One of the best feels in the world, climbing a Munro! Two down, just another 280 to go!

  2. Hi Gordon………….I have been looking at some of the photo’s you posted earlier……fantastic views and I’m pleased you and Nick had such a great holiday together. I imagine, you will both probably do it again sometime……….looking forward to seeing further photo’s, when you have time to post them. Take Care Mate x

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