Loving my newest Lycra cycling gear!

Got to say, I am loving my Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Short Sleeve Jersey. Of course, it will be even better, when I order the shorts that go with them! But for now the Zone3 Aquaflo Tri Shorts will do! 🙂

Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team Clothing
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team Clothing
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team ClothingVermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team Clothing

10 Replies to “Loving my newest Lycra cycling gear!”

  1. Love the pictures….the Tri-Shorts work quite well with the Vermarc Jersey. Will look forward to the Team Shorts. Matey. Where. About is that Pill Box though ? I’m asking, because I am also into WW2 stuff as well.

    1. If click on the photo, it will show a google map, with the location of it! They are a good number of them about here 🙂

  2. Okay Gordon…….thanks for that…….will-do. I expect you see a fair few of these boxes when your out on your bike. We’ve got a few around here Forest of Dea . – Wye Valley.

  3. Gordon………..I see you have ordered the Bib-Shorts then !!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing them on you mate.

  4. Hey ! …………..my friend…………I just love the way you look Gordon, in the new Jersey AND the Shorts. Really like both the front AND the rear views !!!! VERY NICE INDEED. I expect YOU are pretty pleased with the result too. The BIb’s were well worth getting. Take Care. Kevin.

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