Yet another December wetsuit cycle!

Yet another December wetsuited cycle! Think I’ve been wearing a wetsuit, for every cycle so far this month! Not due to it raining, just since it’s great fun wearing it! It’s very warm indeed for December was around 14C today! Just need to make sure, I drink a lot of water. So I don’t over heat!

Cycling gear
Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit
Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit
Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit

4 Replies to “Yet another December wetsuit cycle!”

  1. Too late for us as WE OVER HEAT viewing this hot pictures of you. Thank you hope to see more, and not wishing you rainy rides but I think you pictured in wet gear would blow our minds.

  2. Hi My Sexiest Valentine!!! I lie all of the photoes,!!! Yumm Have A great day & an enjoyable ride but don’t try to ride under water unless U have scuba gear or a long snorkle hoae & watch out for big fish. I don’t mean the one lokated in ? !!!

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