Vlog: Watch out for the learner driver

When out cycling, you always have to watch out for learner drivers. Guess she had no idea, the speed I was going at. You will also notice, I never shouted anything. Don’t see the point in road rage at all. Don’t point in getting stressed about something, you have no control over!

2 Replies to “Vlog: Watch out for the learner driver”

  1. Be sure to get off of the road by 2000 ft when a women driver appears any where near your pathway!!!
    I have learned this from experence many times over, no matter what mode of transport U drive. Because they are alwayse peter Gasing or texting their conque bines on the phone and not looking at where they are driving!!!

  2. You must also remember that you were a learner driver once although much better than her I am sure

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