UK TV programmes to watch this week : 30/05/2015

Rome's Invisible City - 01-06-2015 (YouView app)The John Bishop Show (BBC 1/HD | 9:45pm to 10:30pm | Saturday 30th May 2015)

Comedy entertainment series hosted by award-winning comedian John Bishop, coming each week from the Hackney Empire. Across the eight-part series, John introduces his favourite comics from all over the world, as well as music guests and variety acts. This show features Paul Weller performing his new single Saturn’s Pattern and the classic Peacock Suit. Joining John on stage is Trevor Noah from South Africa, James Acaster, and Felicity Ward from Australia. As a special treat John also creates some beautiful music with Beardyman.

Demolition (BBC 2/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Sunday 31st May 2015)

Documentary series that goes behind the safety cordon to explore the explosive world of demolition, charting the dramatic end to some of Britain’s biggest and most iconic buildings. In the last episode in the series, Hull’s tallest building has to come crashing to the ground, but it’s surrounded by houses on all sides. Come blowdown day, the entire estate has to be evacuated as the team find out whether their explosive calculations are correct. One of the few women working in demolition, Debbie Burns, takes on a massive £750 million renovation project at Britain’s busiest interchange station, Birmingham New Street, which brings commuters and demolition on a crash course. And Howard Stott, a veteran demolition man who’s been working in the industry since the days of Fred Dibnah, meets a deadly foe while slicing a shopping centre in two.

Rome’s Invisible City (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Monday 1st June 2015)

Alexander Armstrong explores the hidden underground treasures that made Rome the powerhouse of the ancient world, with the help of a team of experts using the latest in 3D scanning technology. In his favourite city, he uncovers a lost subterranean world that helped build and run the world’s first metropolis and its empire. From the secret underground world of the Colosseum to the aqueducts and sewers that supplied and cleansed it, and from the mysterious cults that sustained it spiritually to the final resting places of Rome’s dead, Xander discovers the underground networks that serviced the remarkable world above.

Michael Smiley: Something to Ride Home About (BBC 1 Northern Ireland and BBC iPlayer only | 10:45pm 11:15pm | Monday 1st June 2015)

Actor and comedian Michael Smiley takes a bike tour of Northern Ireland, meeting other cycling enthusiasts en route and recalling stories from his past. In this edition, he is near Carnlough with former pro-cyclist Stephen Gallagher who helped design the Giro D’Italia route. He travels on to Crossmaglen for a rare interview with one of his favourite authors, Dervla Murphy, who chats about her astonishing adventures on a bicycle. He then visits Glaslough to meet 97-year-old Sir Jack Lesley, who shares Smiley’s love of dance music and clubbing.

Britain’s Busiest Airport – Heathrow (itv/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Thursday 4th June 2015)

Documentary series going behind the scenes at Britain’s busiest and biggest international airport – London Heathrow. This episode focuses on Arrivals, as staff race against the clock to process thousands of passengers arriving from 84 different countries. Airside safety officer Glenn and his colleagues work closely with air traffic control to ensure that Heathrow’s two runways are kept open and clear of debris. The Animal Reception Centre welcomes a variety of weird and wonderful creatures ranging from pet ferrets to a wild tiger. Meanwhile, inside the terminals, staff deal with some challenging passengers, including a man temporarily forced to live in the airport after being deported from Thailand and a family whose young relatives have gone missing.

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