Merry Christmas lads!!!

Merry Christmas you sexy lot!! Hope you all have a great day!!!

Since it’s that time of year again! Guess I better post this video again!! Yep for the third year in a row. Maybe I need to find a new one for next year!

4 Replies to “Merry Christmas lads!!!”

  1. Gordon this is a hot holiday tradition you should continue each year, Though I know you love wearing cycling singlets you should slip into a wrestling singlet, you might love it, I know I do and wood if you did.

  2. GSV – u r wonderfully bonkers – That vid is as camp as Christmas – & I h8 2 say it……I Love it,. hope you got some snow in Bonny Scotland – we got Nuttin. 🙁
    xxxx Big love to you fella – Happy New Year n Hogmanay – don’t forget the coal for first footing.! – or spanks will ensue.

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