Car just cost £492.62 to get fixed!!!

Many of you will know, that I should have got to Scotland by now!! I was due to drive up on Sunday. But on Friday night on the way back from work, my car started to make a hell of a noise. So I took it to the local garage Saturday morning.

They took one look at it and said looks like one of the brake calipers have gone. They put it up on the ramps and trying to spin the back wheel and it just stopped!! So they told me, it was best not to drive it!

Just a new caliper cost £209! Then it needed a new break disc and pads. Then add labour to that. It came to a total of £492.62!

At least my car is back on the road. So I can now set off to Scotland in the morning. Some 48 hours later, then I was first hoping…

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  1. Drive safe Gordon , wear some of your gear under your street clothes to get you into the mood for a trip home.

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