UK TV programmes to watch this week : 29/11/2014

The Railway: First Great Western - 04-12-2014 (YouView app)Wild Weather with Richard Hammond (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Monday 1st December 2014)

Richard Hammond travels the globe in an attempt to reveal the hidden world of weather. Richard investigates how wind actually starts. He joins up with an American meteorologist called Reed Timmer and a bizarre vehicle known as The Dominator III. Their aim is to fire a probe into a tornado to measure its speed where it is at its fastest – right next to the ground. Richard also visits one of the few places on the planet capable of duplicating a real-life tornado. The 23 million dollar WindEEE Research Institute in Ontario hadn’t even opened its doors when Richard asked them to take part in an experiment. He also braves the winds and temperatures of -50 degrees fahrenheit to take a trip outside on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. On April 12th 1934, that station measured one of the highest wind speeds ever measured on land – 231 mph.

Waterloo Road (BBC 1/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Wednesday 3rd December 2014)

Allie convinces Vaughan to send Justin to a boarding school in an attempt to keep him away from Tiffany but the young lovers have plans of their own. Darren isn’t happy when Rhiannon considers a career as a plus size model.

Great Continental Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Wednesday 3rd December 2014)

Following his 1913 Bradshaw’s guide, Michael Portillo ventures beyond Europe to the Holy Land. His journey begins in Haifa in modern-day Israel, where he is shown how to cook a takeaway – middle-eastern style, before heading to Haifa’s original station to find out about its branch line to the famous Hejaz Railway. In Tel Aviv, Michael marvels at the city’s futuristic skyscrapers and railway lines, threaded along the centre of modern highways. On his way to Jerusalem, Michael hears how the Jaffa to Jerusalem railway was the first line to be built in the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, Michael visits the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and finds out about a surprising Holy Land tradition. Michael then heads for Bethlehem where he meets the embroiderers of the Arab Women’s Union. Heading south, Michael arrives at the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea, and then, in the Negev Desert, he learns about a celebrated British military hero with railways in his sights.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Channel 4/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Thursday 4th December 2014)

George travels to Macclesfield to visit a first time builder who hopes to transform an allotment shed into a Doctor Who-style, multi-functional play den for less than £300. George visits a spectacular live-in treehouse in Scotland. Will and George dig for iron to create a medieval style lock for their wood cabin. And George’s Italian road trip takes in a holiday lodge made almost entirely from glass in the Dolomite mountains.

The Railway: First Great Western (Channel 5 | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Thursday 4th December 2014)

Documentary series following the working lives of the staff of First Great Western, one of Britain’s largest train operating companies. The railway is in crisis as the worst weather for a century batters the country, pushing workers and passengers to the limit. Steve Hawkins and his team of engineers have time and tide against them as they get to work repairing one of the most beautiful stretches of track in the country after the mainline at Dawlish gets washed away, and Dave Slater and his team at Network Control have to battle the elements to keep trains running as storm after storm floods the network. A tube strike creates a headache for Ealing Broadway manager, Dean Haynes, as the extra pressure placed on overground trains into the city looks set to bring the morning commute to a standstill.

Ice Road Truckers (Channel 5 | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Friday 5th December 2014)

Reality series. For two months every year, a group of exceptional men and women find their way to the Canadian tundra to undertake one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. Alex retraces his route and Lisa wants to get back into the running for the most loads. Hugh and Vlad decide to keep Art Burke.

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