UK TV programmes to watch this week : 16/08/2014

Dogs: Their Secret Lives (YouView app screenshot)James May’s Cars of the People (BBC 2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Sunday 17th August 2014)

James May discovers how the car became an everyday part of ordinary people’s lives. This episode, James explores the weird world of the microcar, created in response to austerity and fears of congestion in Europe. He revisits the tragicomic disasters of Britain’s infamous three-wheelers, French death traps and German absurdities. On the battlefield, James settles one of the greatest rivalries in car history and travels to Japan for an urban race between a state-of-the-art micro sports car and the bestselling vehicle in history.

Coast (BBC 2/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Tuesday 19th August 2014)

The team explore what becomes of Britain’s coast in winter. Nick Crane visits Cornwall, the storm central of Britain’s rugged coastline. Nick explores the tragic events remembered as the Penlee lifeboat disaster, the worst such tragedy within the last 60 years. But Nick also discovers that wild winter seas bring surprising benefits to this Cornish coast. Neil Oliver experiences the extraordinary Viking Fire Festival on Shetland, gaining behind-the-scenes access to investigate the area’s proud Viking heritage. Far into the Atlantic, on the edge of the wild western isles of Scotland, a feral flock of sheep, untouched for thousands of years, battle to the death as winter approaches. On the isles of St Kilda, Andy Torbet throws himself into the fray as the rams fight to breed with the ewes. And Mark Horton investigates the terrifying power of winter storms able to wipe small coastal communities completely off the map.

Dogs: Their Secret Lives (Channel 4/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Tuesday 19th August 2014)

Britain faces an epidemic of dog obesity. As many as half of all dogs in the UK may be fat. Using surveillance filming and cutting-edge technology, and working with some of the world’s leading experts, Dogs: Their Secret Lives discovers why our dogs are getting fatter and investigates what can be done to help them. Following in the paw steps of three fat pooches, Chancer the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Molly the bulldog, and Cassie the Labrador, the programme reveals how dogs can manipulate us into feeding them and how weight problems can lead to far more serious health issues. Mark Evans, former chief vet at the RSCPA, explores the challenges facing the 21st-century dog owner and finds out if a scientific approach to food and exercise could help our dogs shed the pounds.

Undercover Boss (Channel 4/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Wednesday 20th August 2014)

Chief Executive Simon Kossoff steps out of the boardroom and goes undercover in his multi-national restaurant business Carluccio’s. To stave off increased competition, he’s planning to spend £50 million doubling the size of the chain in five years, and is keen to expose problems that could jeopardise successful growth. After scrubbing dishes and being run off his feet, Simon is shocked to discover branches struggling with chaotic kitchens, inefficient systems and demotivated staff. Realising management are failing to provide proper front-line support, Simon is forced to consider whether Carluccio’s should worry more about existing employees than expansion.

The Last Leg (Channel 4/HD | 10:00pm to 10:50pm | Friday 22nd August 2014)

The award-winning gang show that takes a joyful, offbeat look at the world. Adam Hills and regular co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker consider the weird and wonderful talking points of the week in the company of a studio audience and this week’s celebrity guest Daniel Radcliffe. The show also features the all-encompassing question: Is It OK? Viewers at home and the studio audience are encouraged to ask this question about anything from the week, without fear of judgement, and the three hosts attempt to step into the minefield of sometimes difficult and delicate areas and answer the questions with their own unique insight.

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