Trip down memory lane in Bristol : Part 1

I had to drive all the way to and from Bristol today! So a round trip of around 350 miles! That may not sound a long drive, but driving one way to, see my family up in Scotland is only 316 miles.

It was great being back in the Bristol area again. Only ever been once before and that was back in August 2009, while doing the End to End cycle.

So first of all, I had to drive to Severn Bridge. Then find somewhere to park, so I could walk over it! This shows how good my memory is. I did not look at a map once and could remember all the roads. So parked a road, on the English side of the Bridge. Then walked over it! I walked on the side that forms part of the national cycle network (route 4). So the other side, that I used while doing the End to End cycle.

More photos from this set can be found at

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