Glasgow mate in my neoprene sleepsack!

See look, while I was in Glasgow! I really need get another mate in my neoprene sleepsack! He’s called Greg BTW and can’t wait to read all about comments!

6 Replies to “Glasgow mate in my neoprene sleepsack!”

  1. I can’t decide whether he looks better in the sleepsack or the Cannondale lycra. Think we need more pics to decide 😀

  2. He cute! You have to get him down to your place and get some more pics of him in the straitjacket! Big thanks to him for ‘agreeing’ to go into the sleepsack!

    1. He asked me to bring the sleepsack with me! So he really wanted to try it out! Yes hoping to get him in the straitjacket at some point :).

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