First Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Jersey photos

Here are the first ever photos of myself wearing the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Jersey. I am very pleased with it! I was not 100% sure that green would be my colour. Turns out it is!

BTW also ordered the Lycra shorts, should them get before the week is out! 🙂

Big, big thanks to one of my fans helping to pay for them!

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team JerseyCannondale Pro Cycling Team Jersey

5 Replies to “First Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Jersey photos”

  1. HI My Sexy Valentine !!! I see your sexy green cannondale jersey and your Sexy Levi buttoners !!!

  2. buy cannondale pro cycling team jersey from for £53.99 & cannondale pro cycling team bib shorts for £71.99

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