Monsal Trail photos : 20-Apr-2014

Today Mark and myself had great fun walking around half of the Monsal Trail. We walked from Bakewell to Headstone Viaduct then back again. Here are some photos from a great day out.

More photos from this set can be found at

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  1. Have walked a very small bet of it round Monsel Head, but did walk the whole of the Tissington trail one February after staying in Ashbourne 4 the Shrovetide Football

    1. I have a feeling walking the Tissington Trail, may end up being my goal for the next Bank Holiday weekend :).

  2. Thanks G, lovely pics, hope to see more. Figuring out how I can cycle it. Do I start at Buxton and end at Chesterfield?

  3. Thought about doing this one myself now I have replaced my bike! Sticking to Forest of Dean and local area until I have improved my fitness tho. Thanks for the pics.

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