Cyprus 2014 just been booked!

OMG! For the third year, I am going to Cyprus! We have booked the same apartment that we have used before. This time, we are flying out from Glasgow Airport. Which will make nice change. Since the last two times, we have used Stansted Airport.

This time, I will fly back just before my birthday. Which I don’t mind at all. Since this time, we are mainly going for my Dad’s 70th! Best not say much more about it. He does not like people speaking about his age.

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  1. Anyone would think you like Cyprus more than Scotland! *puts hand over mouth in mock surprise* Thats great to know, might be a little something for you when you come back then! Also, your Dad does not look his age.

    1. I would normally go to Scotland in June. But my folks are coming down here for 2 weeks. So no point in going to Scotland :(.

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