Help needed! Getting a new desktop PC

Scan V10 SystemI need everyone’s help! I am in the process of getting myself a new tower PC. Some of you may know my laptop died a number of weeks back. Also my current tower PC, is getting very old. Had it since 2008, even then it was not new at the time. My older brother give it to me.

Right now I am looking at At£415, it’s the most I am really willing to spend on a new computer. It will only be used for editing my websites, some photo and video editing. Never play games, so don’t need a high end spec computer.

Please comment below and let me know what you think of it!

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  1. why not do a fundraising photo set for wetsuitlads or a sponsored bike ride for followers of your websites?

    1. I don’t need help paying for it. I just need help on what PC to get. Just spoken to my older bother and he says it looks good for the price.

  2. Hi my name is Roberto, I live in Spain, my advice for is this:

    Qty Selected Specifications
    1 Coolermaster N200 Black Compact Case with USB3
    1 Intel Core i5 4440, Haswell, 3.1GHz Quad Core
    1 Asus H81M-Plus, Intel H81 Chipset with USB3
    1 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair DDR3 – 1333MHz
    1 1GB Asus HD 6450 – Required to run dual monitors!
    1 *Solid State Drive Not Required use HDD Below*
    1 2TB Seagate Barracuda, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache
    1 Samsung 24x DVD Reader & Writer
    1 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit – OEM
    1 *No Security Software Required*
    1 I have my own Keyboard & Mouse I plan to use…
    1 I have my own Monitor I plan to use…
    1 I have my own Speakers I plan to use…
    10 months no interest charges £23.07 Net Total £474.73
    Classic Credit 24 Months £28.51 V.A.T £94.95
    Classic Credit 36 Months £20.66 Total £569.68

      1. Not sure how they do it. They use branded parts, Asus/Gigabyte motherboards, WD harddrives, etc.

        I work for a small IT sales/support company and we’ve probably sold a few hundred Zoostorm’s over the last few years, not had any more problems with them than any of the bigger brands like HP or Acer. Amazon sell them too, but different models, and they get good reviews on there.

  3. If you don’t mind a slightly less powerful CPU, smaller disk and Windows 8 (I’m getting used to it, but it is slightly odd without a touchscreen) it might be worth considering the Asus CM6730-UK021S from PC World as it’s only £330, maybe with an external drive for additional storage and/or backup.

    PCs are pretty much commodity items these days with not that much to distinguish one manufacturer from another, it’s really down to how much storage, RAM and CPU you actually need and the case styling.

    I use the free edition of Avast! antivirus which is fine, although slightly nagging about upgrades to the paid-for version.

    1. At 2.8 GHz it’s a bit on the slow side. Since my current PC is 2.1 GHz. Would fill up that 500 GB hard drive way to fast. Also don’t want Windows 8 or 8.

      Thanks for help. It all helps :).

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