Wetsuited cycle

Since it was pissing it down, when I first left the house. I put on my blueseventy axium wetsuit before setting off! Here are some photos of myself wetsuited up, during the cycle :).

Wetsuit cyclingWetsuit cycling
Wetsuit cyclingWetsuit cycling

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  1. Looking nice 🙂 so Gordon, do you actually cycle with just the lycra jersey over the wetsuit, because the wetsuit from a distance i guess would look like cycling tights.?

    1. Yes I cycle with just the jersey over the top. Like you can see in the last photo. I have also been knowing just to cycle in the wetsuit :).

  2. Hi there Gordon, great pic’s as usual, the Blue70 suit looks really good on you; Pic 3 is probably the best, mmmm. Well done 🙂 Is it a comfortable suit to go out cycling in, does it fit well everywhere? looks like it does.

    1. Yes think that everyone loves photo three the most.

      Yes it’s very comfortable to wear. But you do get somewhat warm inside the suit while cycling!

      Yep it’s nice and tight everywhere :).

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