Getting a new O’Neill Gooru wetsuit!!

O'Neill Gooru F.U.Z.E GBS 2mm long Sleeve Spring SuitI have just gone and ordered myself a new wetsuit! I am getting a O’Neill Gooru F.U.Z.E GBS 2mm long Sleeve Spring Suit. I have ordered it from Shore at a cost of £93.44. It’s a birthday present to myself really! Once I get it, I will of course do photos wearing it! Plus who knows maybe also a vlog!

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  1. That’s my wetsuit now at the Nottingham Mail Centre and is now on its way to the local Delivery Office :).

    1. Most of the extra cost is due to the type of zip it’s got! Which is one of the reasons I went for it! That and the fact, I bet I could be locked into that wetsuit :).

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