The Cyprus 2013 holiday

I must say the holiday I just had in Paphos, Cyprus was amazing. After going last year I was a bit worried it would not live up to that holiday. But it did.

Can’t really compare the two. Since last year I went to Cyprus for my older bothers Wedding. This year we all went for a family holiday.

This time I got to see much more if the island. Last time we only stayed close to the apartment. This time we went on a boat cruise. And a bus tour of the Troodos Mountains.

The tour up the Troodos Mountains was really the highlight of the whole holiday. Just was a had access to a bike while in Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains would have been so much to cycle around.

Only bad thing about the holiday. I did not have any gear with me. Only had some lycra underwear. Which is just not the same. Really can’t wait to get fully back in my full lycra cycling gear and out on the bike!

Oh, I will post more about my holiday soon. I did this update while flying back from Cyprus. Then posted it when I landed back in UK.

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