Great afternoon in Stamford!

Not that long back in from a great afternoon looking around Stamford with my Mum and Dad! They picked me up at around 2:00pm. Then we went into Stamford, parking outside Homebase, since it’s free parking! Being Scottish, we are not going to pay to park the car, when we don’t have to!!

We then walked all the way up to Burghley House, which is a good 1 hour walk, from where we parked the car! I had some fun getting some photos.

Deer at Burghley Park

Then we walked back into Stamford to get some food! We ended up going to the London Inn. Heard from a good number of people they do very good food also at good prices. Pleased to they they were not wrong!

After the meal, while walking back to the car. I got these photos of a Virgin hot air balloon over Stamford.

Virgin hot air balloon over Stamford
Virgin hot air balloon over Stamford

Once back home. It was time to walk the dog. Then watch some TV, while posting this!!

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