I am off to Cyprus on Wednesday :)

I am sure that most of you, will know by now. That I am off to Cyprus this Wednesday! I really can’t wait to go! Been looking forward to it, so much since it was booked, back in December 2012!

I am flying out from London Stansted with my Mum and Dad, Wednesday morning at 8:15am! So means, I will get, next to no sleep Tuesday night, if any at all. Since I will have to be up at 3:30am. Ready for my folks picking me up at 4:00am.

It’s going to be a long day to say the least! Not that I care at all! Last year, when I went. I did not want to come home. Since at the time, I was sure I would never go again! Not knowing at the time. I would be going again! Staying in the same place, as last time! Just for longer this time :).

I will try my best to get lots of photos. And of course, post them all when I get back!!

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  1. Enjoy every bit of it Gordon, enjoy the warm weather and scenery, be on the lookout for guys in gear as well. Have fun.

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