Spider-Man photos : A74(M) : 06-Jun-2013

I said, I would do some Spider-Man suit photos while in Scotland! I used the same place, last time while in Scotland. The place with the A74(M) right next to me! Can’t wait to read your comments about them!!

Spider-Man suitSpider-Man suit

Spider-Man suitSpider-Man suit

Here is a map of where the photos were taken!

very public Spider-Man photos : A74(M) location map

5 Replies to “Spider-Man photos : A74(M) : 06-Jun-2013”

  1. Lovely pics mate. Doesn’t look like that tunnel sees much pedestrian traffic, so a good place to take them!

  2. Wow, awesome pics and great to know where you took them – I dive that road about 8 or so times a year so will have to look out for Spidy next time I pass. Keep up the good work and hope you do some more.

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