Fun drive around the Scottish Highlands

I had a great day with my Mum and Dad, oh and the family dog Ghilie driving around some of the Scottish Highlands. Looking at the map below it may not look like that many miles. But going by my Dad we did 130 miles.

It was also a good drive to get the dog use to going out in the car. It’s the longest car journey he’s ever been on.

03-06-2013 Scotland drive

Below are some photos from the drive. Sorry they are not more. No idea why, but don’t take many photos while out with Mum and dad.

Rest and Be Thankful
Rest and Be Thankful

West Highland Line (River Orchy)
West Highland Line (River Orchy)

5 Replies to “Fun drive around the Scottish Highlands”

  1. Oh G… Such amazing scenery. I’ll never understand why people go abroad when we have such visual delights to see and explore closer to home! next time I go to Scotland, I will get further up!

    1. Next time I am up, I really need to cycle into Glasgow then get the train up a section of the West Highland Line, then cycle back to Killearn!

      1. Yeah, say train to Ardlui for example, or if feeling adventurous, Falls of Cruachan. Think I have spelt that right!

        1. Falls of Cruachan to Killearn would be easy. Only 67 miles! And lots of that is down hill!! 🙂

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