UK TV programmes to watch this week : 25/05/2013

Australia with Simon Reeve (BBC2/HD | 9:30pm to 10:30pm | Sunday 26th May 2013)

Simon travels from Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory or ‘Top End’, across to the remote Cape York Peninsula, and on to the Great Barrier Reef. Simon sets off from Kakadu, the largest national park in the world, where the wildlife is under threat from the march of millions of poisonous cane toads. He joins a team of toad-busters catching the amphibian invaders – originally introduced to the country to kill pests. In Robertson barracks Simon meets Australia’s best – and only – tank regiment. They will soon host 6,000 American Marines – evidence of Australia’s strategic importance in the Asia Pacific region. Simon also heads out on patrol with Norforce, a unique military unit who use ancient aboriginal knowledge to help them survive in the bush. On the Cape York peninsula Simon joins scientists catching deadly box jellyfish, whose venom could prove to have great medicinal value. And on the Great Barrier Reef he dives in search of the starfish destroying coral.

Hebrides: Islands on the Edge (BBC1 Scotland/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Monday 27th May 2013)

Ewan McGregor narrates a landmark nature series focusing on the wildlife struggling to survive on the Hebridean Islands. In the final programme, a look at how the residents of the Hebrides learned to live side-by-side with their wild neighbours. Skye Ferryman Donnie MacDonald reveals that business can prosper when passengers can be treated to some on board entertainment in the form of white-tailed eagles hunting alongside the boat. Plus, how Andrew Abrahams is attempting to turn the Island of Colonsay into a nature reserve for bees, how the peatlands of Lewis and Innes Henderson inspire artist Alice Starmore, and the Coll fisherman who regularly has to steer his boat through a 100-strong group of basking sharks.

Town with Nicholas Crane: Saffron Walden (BBC2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Tuesday 28th May 2013)

Nicholas Crane visits towns across the United Kingdom, revisiting the history of urban life in the British Isles. An attractive market town within easy commuting distance of London, Saffron Walden has some of the best preserved medieval architecture in the country. However its heritage is now under threat. Nicholas Crane discovers what gave this town its unique name and how the UK’s housing crisis is affecting its future.

Waterloo Road (BBC1/HD | 8pm to 9pm | Wednesday 29th May 2013)

School-based drama. Steve-O continues to terrorise the students at Waterloo Road. Connor faces Steve-O’s wrath as he defaults on a loan payment and Dynasty pays the ultimate price with a shock decision. Elsewhere, Christine contemplates moving on from the school and Lula makes an unlikely ally.

Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers (Channel 5 | 8pm to 9pm | Friday 31st May 2013)

Observational documentary series following one of the world’s biggest haulage firms. Transporting a huge replica plane causes a few headaches, while elsewhere heartstrings are tugged when a depot closes to relocate.

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Another wetsuited cycle : 24-May-2013

It was very cold and wet during today’s cycle! Well cold for late May anyway. Was around 7C, with a feels like temp of -1C. But at least the crap weather give me a good reason to get wetsuited and take these photos…

Wetsuit cyclingWetsuit cycling

Wetsuit cycling

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Podcast : Episode 110

That’s episode 110 of my podcast on-line. I am speaking about what I have been doing since I did my last podcast way back in December 2011.

BTW if you did listen to this podcast, please comment below and let me know!!

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23-May-2013 : I really hate, hail while cycling

What is going on with the weather right now in the UK? It’s mid-May and it’s still very cold! It was only around 6C the whole cycle and it even hailed more than once! Which is ever nice for cycling in! Thank god I found a BT phone box to hind in, for a while!

I will now leave you with the route map, elevation graph and route statistics.

Route map:-

23-05-2013 bike ride

Elevation graph:

23-05-2013 bike ride elevation graph

Route statistics:-

  • Distance: 27.52 miles.
  • Time: 2:12:22 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 12.5 mph.
  • Max Speed: 29.4 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 432 meters.
  • Min Elevation: 43 meters.
  • Max Elevation: 128 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

19-May-2013 : theBythams – Thorney – Stamford cycle

Well then, after doing today’s 63.77 mile cycle! I have now done just over 29,000 miles of cycling since April 2003! Which I am very pleased with to say the least! I was hoping to do more than 63.77 miles, but I had to get home to walk the dogs! Now I am at 29,000 miles, it’s looking very likely, I will hit the 30,000 mile mark by July!! 🙂

I will now leave you with the route map, elevation graph and route statistics.

Route map:-

19-05-2013 bike ride

Elevation graph:

19-05-2013 bike ride elevation graph

Route statistics:-

  • Distance: 63.77 miles.
  • Time: 4:34:24 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 13.9 mph.
  • Max Speed: 31.9 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 673 meters.
  • Min Elevation: -1 meter (don’t believe the GPS).
  • Max Elevation: 88 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

UK TV programmes to watch this week : 18/05/2013

Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor. Series 33, episode 13 (BBC1/HD | 7pm to 7:45pm | Saturday 18th May 2013)

Sci-fi drama. The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered.

Australia with Simon Reeve (BBC2/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Sunday 19th May 2013)

Simon Reeve explores Australia. His adventure starts in the ‘red centre’ of the continent and onwards through South Australia via the extraordinary Indian Pacific Railway, until he reaches the west coast city of Perth. On the way, he joins an Aussie rancher in the parched outback and takes part in a spectacular camel round-up – part of an ongoing effort to stop the damaging spread of feral camels across the country. Simon also passes through Australia’s wine country and to the lucrative tuna fishing city of Port Lincoln, and he investigates the impact these trades are having on the environment. In Western Australia, he joins a 21st century gold rush – part of the resource boom that has made Australia one of the richest countries in the world. Finally in Perth, Simon discovers a full scale British invasion. Working in a mine or driving a lorry can bring a salary of a hundred thousand pounds a year, as evidenced when Simon meets a former binman from hull who is now living the dream.

Hebrides: Islands on the Edge (BBC1 Scotland/HD) | 9pm to 10pm | Monday 20th May 2013)

Ewan McGregor narrates a landmark nature series focusing on the wildlife struggling to survive on the Hebridean Islands. This edition focuses on the spectacular wildlife of the exposed Outer Hebrides. On the outlying islands, seabirds rush to feed their chicks while avoiding the murderous intentions of predatory skuas with a taste for young puffins. And on the low-lying Uists, acres of meadows burst into flower as summer finally arrives. But the year’s drought conditions find Atlantic salmon trapped in the sea pools and unable to move into the river systems.

Caroline Quentin’s National Parks (ITV/STV | 8pm to 9pm | Tuesday 21st May 2013)

In the final programme of the series, Caroline visits the New Forest, situated in the counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. It is known for its ancient woods, open heaths, beautiful coastline and abundance of wild animals, although at just 218 square miles, it is one of the smallest of the 15 National Parks. In the heart of the National Park is the Pig Hotel, once a Royal hunting lodge. Gary Evely is a forager and it is his job to gather the food that grows wild in the forest so that it can be served in the restaurant just a few hours later. Caroline joins him to search and they stumble across an unusual beefsteak mushroom.

Waterloo Road (BBC1/HD | 8pm to 9pm | Thursday 23rd May 2013)

School-based drama. Sonya’s day from hell finds her being dumped, falling out with her sister and landing Rhiannon in hospital. Meanwhile, Lorraine and Nikki reach an impasse in their relationship. Steve-O tightens his evil grip on Connor and Kevin, and an ex-pupil makes a surprise return.

Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers (Channel 5 | 8pm to 9pm | Friday 24th May 2013)

Observational documentary series following one of the world’s biggest haulage firms. In this episode, Craig has a foggy trip over the Pennines, Dave has a race against the clock in London, Andy has to take an epic detour and the car transporters prove their worth.

Middle of May 2013 most popular photos

Below are the top three most looked at photos on this website so far during May 2013.

Number 1 (151 views) : Stevens racing suit
Stevens racing suit

Number 2 (116 views) : UCI World Cup Team skinsuit
UCI World Cup Team skinsuit

Number 3 (107 views) : Spider-Man suit
Spider-Man suit

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