21-Apr-2013 : I made it to The Wash!

I am so happy, I made it the whole way The Wash for the very first time! If you have no what The Wash is, then check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wash. Only bad thing is go all that way and can’t see any water! Still at least I can say I have made it. Been on my list of cycles for a number of years now!

I will now leave you with the route map, elevation graph, route statistics and photos.

Route map:-

21-04-2013 bike ride

The dark blue section of the route, shows new roads I covered during the cycle.

Elevation graph:

21-04-2013 bike ride elevation graph

Route statistics:-

  • Distance: 68.42 miles.
  • Time: 5:19:48 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 12.8 mph.
  • Max Speed: 31.2 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 565 meters.
  • Min Elevation: -2 meters.
  • Max Elevation: 85 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Photos from the cycle:-

Cycling gearPBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013

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