Vlog: Got a flat tyre 16 miles into a cycle

The cycle did not go very well. I got a flat back tyre 16 miles into the cycle. And turned out I only had a pump with me and no repair kit. Big opps! At least it give me something to speak about!

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  1. A puncture so soon on the new bike?! I always go prepared, sometimes over prepared. Is three inner tubes too much? 😀 Been out and got a puncture myself and had drivers point it out to me and laugh. I just laughed with them.

    Always always go prepared. if you don’t need it, there is always someone else that needs it.

    Have you been out in the shorts yet? 😀 Splendid vlog G. Love the suit. I will order one myself, only downside is that I won’t look as cute in it. 🙁

    1. I know, sort of pissed me off. Then these things happen. I normally have a inner tube repair kit with me. Turns out I left it at home. Once I got home, I found it and turns out, it had ran out of glue. So could not have used it anyway.

      I do also normally have one inner tube with me. Since getting the new bike, I was not even 100% sure which size I needed. I know how, lucky I had one the correct size kicking about!

      No, still not been out in shorts. But if the weather stays like this, that will change soon :).

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