Video : Glasgow Underground 1975

I am so more of you will find this video very boring. But since I grow up in Glasgow and I love this sort of stuff. It’s a look at the Glasgow Underground. 17th February 1975.

I am sure many of you, will not even know that Glasgow got a underground system. It’s also the third-oldest underground system in the world after the London Underground and the Athens Metro.

Big thanks to the Glasgow Subway for posting a link to this post on there facebook page, or I may have never found it!

5 Replies to “Video : Glasgow Underground 1975”

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Hillhead station looks great now it has been modernised and Partick is coming along nicely too with Kelvinbridge next.

      1. Well, I had to go from Buchanan Street to St Enoch on a number of times, which is one stop… but I went the long way round!

        1. I was going to say that’s a bit on the short side. You can look down Buchanan Street and see St Enoch underground station.

          1. Aye, but not walking it with a backpack and a suitcase in the rain!! Plue, you know me G… and how mad I can be at times.

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