Vlog: Using my indoor cycle trainer

Since the weather has not been the best here in the last week. I made up my mind it was time get the Lycra skinsuit on and use my indoor cycle trainer.

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  1. Heheheh!!!! Are you going to include these miles done on the trainer in your yearly total? 😀

    I’ve not been out on the bike today, finally got in the right frame of mind to do housework!

    1. Yes of course I am going to include these miles in my yearly total. The way I am going, going to end this month around 250 miles less than I did in January 2012. Which would take a while to get them miles back. I can’t see me doing any more then 6 miles a day on the turbo trainer. It’s a lot harder going than outdoor cycling.

  2. Looking good Gordon, great to be able to ride indoors on your trainer. Freezing cold here, icy and loads of snow, sure is effecting my outdoor workouts this january as well. You rock that cycle suit too. Your crotch sure gets a workout on your trainer with this camera angle, and much thanks for that , loved it Big Time ! I am now following you on Tumblr as well .

    1. I have it for years. But not used it since 2009. It’s fun to use one in a while. But it soon gets boring. But at least I can watch TV while using it and also surf the net on my iPod :).

      I may do even do a vlog on the turbo trainer while the wearing my Spider-Man suit, or even a wetsuit at point ;).

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