Wetsuit snow fun photos : 19/01/2013

Since I have not done any fun photos in the snow since 2009. I made up my mind it was about time I took some more. I hope you all like these photos of myself wearing the blueseventy axium wetsuit with the  RST Delta Gloves. Can’t wait to read your comments about them!!
Wetsuit snow funWetsuit snow fun

Wetsuit snow funWetsuit snow fun

4 Replies to “Wetsuit snow fun photos : 19/01/2013”

  1. You look like a natural in the snow. That suit looks great on you. Nice and tight in all the right places. Of course you can not go wrong with a body like yours.

  2. like to known you well you did never reply so i think you don t like streight boy
    i live in paris and london

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