No longer be able to collect or spend points with

nectar logoLooks like, I will no longer be shopping with I only use to buy things from them so I would also get Nectar points. So I will need to find somewhere else to buy my music and tech stuff from.

“Dear Gordon,

As you have collected Nectar points with via eShops or redeemed points for an Gift Certificate in the past, we are writing to let you know that after 31st January 2013 you will no longer be able to collect or spend points with

But don’t despair, there are still hundreds of other ways to collect and redeem your Nectar points. A few of our favourites are below, or click here to see them all.

Thank you,

The Nectar Team”

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  1. Sorry to hear that Gordon, Too bad the very wealthy companies like Amazon feel the need to take away the small bonuses their loyal customers had when they made purchases on a regualr basis. Good hunting for the next way to save and use your nectar points.

    1. I have not idea, if Amazon or Nectar made up there minds to stop giving points. At least I can still get point doing my food shopping, putting fuel in the car and many other things.

  2. It was Nectar’s decision as Amazon didnt award the points, Nectar did like any other Estore. But I’m miffed because hardly any loyalty scheme wants to touch Amazon, I used to have 4 sites to build up Amazon vouchers, now I’ll be down to two and both aren’t very regular.

    The next Nectar store but not as cheap would be or failing that rely on eBay.

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