Q4 2012 cycling statistics

Here is the data from the fourth quarter (October to December) of 2012:-

Longest cycle each month:-

Data from: Garmin Connect.

If you have any ideas for other data you would like to see here, then let me know!

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  1. Just for comparison, here are my stats:

    Total Rides: 68
    Total Distance: 537.79 miles
    Total Time: 43h19m29s
    Avg Speed: 12.4mph
    Max Speed: 40.1mph
    Longest Ride Time: 02h23m45s
    Avg Distance: 7.90 miles
    Max Distance: 29.02 miles

    Longest Rides Each Month

    October: 28.71 [12th]
    November 29.02 [9th]
    December: 13.34 [21st]

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