Very public Spider-Man photos : A74(M)

Here are my first photos of 2013! I made up my mind to do some Spider-Man photos in a very public place. The road in behind is the A74(M). I can’t wait to read your comments about them!!

Spider-Man suitSpider-Man suit

Spider-Man suitSpider-Man suit

6 Replies to “Very public Spider-Man photos : A74(M)”

  1. very nice, lucky people that saw you 🙂 you always look so good in spidey ( not that you don’t look good in any other gear 🙂 ) DID you drive all the home in it !!!

  2. Well, I know someone else who goes out and about in superhero costumes now! Glad you got the guts to do public photos… wonder how many motorists who passed by later made a twitter entry along the lines of ‘Just seen Spiderman alongside the A74(M)’

    Good on ya G, and Happy New Year! 😉 x

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