Poll : What gear I should do photos in?

After work, I am going to do some photos. Please pick from the selection below.

Adidas full body suitblueseventy axium wetsuit

RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather SuitSpider-Man suit

What gear should I do photos in?

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5 Replies to “Poll : What gear I should do photos in?”

  1. Gear to wear @ Photo-shooting: “Cressi Glaros” or existing “Blueseventy Bxium” wetsuit

    Picture 1: Georgious ( https://gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/albums/me/2012/dsc00419.jpg )

    -> This nice eye expression piercing through the helmet &
    -> the nearly shoulder length renegade (main) hair growing out the helmet &
    -> a nice tight suit (but sadly no wetsuit)

    sadly the actual much shorter (much more boring) hair state needs 3/4+ Year growing time again … but the eye expression should be used any time …

    P.S.1. the only good suit is a wetsuit …

    p.s.2. try the (on posting top mentioned) 1.5 / 2 mm slick shiny (metal perl effect) Cressi Glaros ( http://www.swiminn.com/schwimmen/cressi-glaros-swim-mono-2-mm/5641/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=77718 -> Alex & similar Athletic lads should also use the sleeveless shorty variant )

  2. Sorry people never had the time to do these photos. Before going to Scotland. I will make sure, I will do them, once back in England.

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