Cycling Program : War on Britain’s Roads

BBC 1 HD tonight is showing a documentary using cycle helmet camera footage to give a unique insight into the unfolding tension and conflict on Britain’s roads. From everyday incidents that get out of hand between cyclists and motorists, to stories of near-death experiences and fatal collisions, the programme shows that the battle between two wheels and four has never been so intense. It shows both sides of the story, retelling dramatic incidents from both the cyclist’s and driver’s point of view. It also follows the police on bikes as they chase down errant road users and record more than three thousand offences every year from car and bike users alike. We even see a cyclist who is attempting to police the roads himself, handing out his own ‘tickets’ for anything from texting behind the wheel, to jumping a red light. A mother who lost her cyclist daughter in a fatal collision with a cement mixer tells the extraordinary story of what she did to change cycle safety on Britain’s roads.

You can read about about tonight’s program @

It’s on BBC 1 HD tonight (Wednesday 5th December 2012) at 9:00pm. Freeview: 101. Freesat: 108.

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      1. I turned it off simply because its all to a familiar scenario. I see it far too often myself when out and about.

        I won’t fill your blog up with a rant on the subject!

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