blueseventy axium wetsuit tunnel photos

I asked people via my facebook and twitter pages, what gear I should get photos in next. And most people went for a wetsuit. So here are the photos you asked for :).

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  1. Lovely G… absolutely lovely. The close unwelcoming nature of that tunnel/subway seems to fit in with the need for the suit and helmet! Good how the graffiti seems to blend in with the suit!

  2. Gordon, you wear that wetsuit so well, and it wears you equally well. So hot looking in that tight fitting suit. I love wearing mine outdoors as well. I sadly don’t have a camera or I’d share pics on me wearing mine, though the wetsuit was covered in a layer of clay/ mud on my hike on Thursday due to slipping on a muddy hiking trail. After the first slip and fall into the creamy clay, I just slid around in it and enjoyed the fun and feeling. Warmest weather here this year for this late in November, sadly the weather has changed and snow is covering the ground, all in the difference of 24 hours.

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