Spider-Man suit photos after work

Since I still had the Spider-Man suit on after work. Which also happens to be the longest time I ever had it on for. Put it on at 5:30pm and still at it on after 12:30am. So of course, I just had to stop on the way home and get these photos. It’s also the first time, I have ever driven my car dressed as Spider-Man :).

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  1. Did you drive home in that suit, or did you put ordinary clothes on over it? Nice matey… how did people at work respond?

    1. I had the suit on with hood down of course, with normal clothes over the top. Everyone at work loved it. Most of them, did now I had it. Since most seen this website, at some point or at the very least heard about it!

  2. I agree , this was a nice outfit to wear at work for that event. Bet it felt great on for that length of time. Did you wear the shorts over it while at work or wear just the outfi over the jycra tights and top ?

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