My 17 year bike, just had only it’s second full service

Believe it or not. The bike that I have had for 17 years has just had, what I believe is only it’s second ever full service. It only cost £92.99, which I am very happy with indeed. Feels so nice having a fully working bike again. It’s even got fully working back and back breaks for the first time in god knows how long! Big thanks to Terry Wright Cycles for keeping it on the road. So who knows, maybe for another 17 years :).

I give it a quick test cycle tonight. I did a whole 12.1 miles on it. Which is also the first cycle, I have done since Wednesday 23rd October, which is a long time ago for me.

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  1. Nice one G, happy to see you back on two wheels again! I bet the folks at the cycle shop were surprised to see such a bike has lasted so long! Glad it didn’t cost as much as you first thought. I am dreading mine going in for a service.

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