Black Skeleton Glow In The Dark All-In-One

Look at what turned up in the post today. It only cost £24.99 from New Look, so just had to get it! Now got to find some cool places to get photos taken wearing it!

3 Replies to “Black Skeleton Glow In The Dark All-In-One”

  1. I have allways whated a outfit like that, i don’t know y i just do, can i borrow it if we evr meet PLEASE

  2. Gordon , one place to try and have a photo taken while wearing your hot black skeleton glow in the dark all in one is standing beside Tom Daly while he is wearing his , Wow wouldn’t that be exciting. Im sure it wood surely excite me.

    Looking good as always Gordon !

  3. Errm… I hope to see some outdoor pics soon G, also hope its nice and warm, certainly looks that! These seem all the rage now.

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