More photos from the Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus

Here are some photos from the Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus. Hope you like them. Looking forward to reading your comments :).

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  1. Some nice photos there. One thing I have noticed out of all the family pics… is how well you stand out! Not because you’re recognisable to us, but because of how tall you are compared to others in the pictures.

    Amazing just how many are at the gathering too, so thanks for sharing another part of your family life here.

    1. No idea why I taller just about everyone else in my family. It was a great turn out, thing there was 61 of us in total.

      I have another family Wedding to look forward to tomorrow. When I younger brother Craig gets married. So could give me even more great photos to post here.

  2. Same for me G… taller than most of my family too! Guess its a good thing that your wee brother is getting married in more local, more familiar surroundings! Enjoy G…

  3. Thank you for sharing more of your pics. the wedding pictures are wonderful. You gents look handsome in your suits. I like the way the suit material shines in the light/ camera flash.

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